Summer at Long Beach City College

Summer at Long Beach City College

 By Zarina Yunis, Alyssa Boedigheimer, Emily Manton, and Jacob Gibbs
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Hard work does not stop when the temperature rises at Long Beach City College. On a summer day around campus there are students taking a variety of classes, as well as students working on campus for the summer break.

Student employee Stephan Chan mentioned various aspects of campus life.

“Throughout the school year, there are different kinds of sports events… (and) every month we have art galleries for art students to present (their work),” Chan said. “There is something for everybody.”

Whether students are interested in intramural sports, or simply prefer art galleries, LBCC accommodates all interests and prioritizes the needs of students.

While some students explore all components of the campus, others prefer to focus more on their studies. For example, Danielle Davis, sophomore, attends Pacific Community College during the school year, however she chose to take several sociology classes at LBCC during summer to toward earning her bachelor’s degree in sociology at Cal State Long Beach next spring.

“My advice to future college students is to see a counselor and get a plan,” Davis said.

Vivadia Delfs is taking a summer art program at LBCC. She explained her process regarding challenges when creating artwork and explained she respects all aspects of art.

“I try to climb on top of the roof a lot and talk to the sun,” Delfs said. “I think everyone’s pieces are beautiful because it’s a creation of themselves. Nothing is going to look the same.”

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